Lung Mend Tincture – Cedar Hill Homestead
Lung Mend Tincture
Lung Mend Tincture
Lung Mend Tincture

A restorative blend for anyone experiencing extended bronchial discomfort. Each of these herbs help to open the airways and relax a tight chest. 

To give you an idea of its uses, this formula was made for our entire household. In our household we work through asthma, allergies & cystic fibrosis. This makes us more susceptible to sinus and respiratory infection. Lung Mend was made to help strengthen the lungs and help us recover fully. It is a wonderful part of a management routine for anyone suffering from prolonged respiratory issues.

Ingredients: Lungwort, Lobelia, Mullein, Linden, Mountain Mint and Honey in Organic Cane Alcohol and Spring Water

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