Doing a consultation with an herbalist can be a life changing experience. Herbal consultations search for the root cause(s) and address multiple systems of the body to help you fully recover. If you have any recent lab reports, these can be very helpful for us to navigate what's going on. We will come up with a 1-3 month protocol for you and reassess as needed.

At this point and time, we are doing all intakes virtually with Tori's long time assistant, Mary. All intakes are reviewed with Tori and the two of them will decide on your protocol together. Consults are done on a first come first serve bases, so do not be alarmed if you do not hear back right away. By filling out this form, you enter our queue.

Consultations are currently sliding scale, starting at $40 and ending at $140.
We trust our customers to choose the right number for them. Please consider the lower end if you are living paycheck to paycheck with no savings or investments, having to prioritize food over bills, etc. Please consider the higher end if you have savings and investments, you pay a mortgage, you have extra money for things like entertainment and clothes. etc. We will never analyze or judge the number you send, and we appreciate your consideration.
- Mary & Tori