Juniper Ridge Enfleurage Hard Parfum / Beard Balm – Cedar Hill Homestead
Juniper Ridge Enfleurage Hard Parfum / Beard Balm
Juniper Ridge Enfleurage Hard Parfum / Beard Balm
Juniper Ridge Enfleurage Hard Parfum / Beard Balm

This hard parfum is completely handmade using an old world perfumery technique called enfleurage. This is a very lengthy process of smashing fresh plant matter into tallow several times. We also smoke infuse the tallow in a chamber for 7 straight days. Because there are zero essential oils or carrier oils, it is a thick, waxy concentrate. Warm some by rubbing your finger in a circular motion. Due to the tallow base, it is also quite moisturizing and works wonderfully as a beard balm as well. This fragrance has no gender. It is musky and animalistic and truly compliments every body odor. Due to the texture, this will last a very long time.

Hand crafted using wild foraged botanicals mindfully harvested by our family and ethically collected resins from Ethiopia. We harvest bark, berries, flowers and mushrooms just as the sun hits our hill and begins to dry the dew. This enfleurage is set into Tallow and Wax and can be worn as an accord or pomade.

Ingredients: Smoke of Frankincense Resin and Cedar Heart Wood, Fire Cured Tobacco, Blue Spruce, Juniper Berry, Birch Tar, Pine Tar, Vanilla Bean, Tonka Bean, Apricot Oil, Coconut Oil, Buck Tallow, Propolis and Raw Unfiltered Beeswax.

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