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Cedar Hill Apothecary Virtual Classes

Cedar Hill Apothecary Virtual Classes

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If you're not local, don't worry! We are now offering our classes virtually so no one misses out on the learning experiences we offer. 

Here are the upcoming classes that will be available:
Herbal Potions 101 with ToriIn this class we will go over the difference in an herb tea vs infusion, decoctions, cold infusions, oxymels & electuaries and when to use them.

The Many Ways to Make a Tincture with Tori: In this class we will be focusing on extracting herbs into a tincture. We will go over the folks methods of tincturing, percolation, dual extraction and more. 

From Herb to Salve with ToriIn this jam packed class we will go over 3 ways to make an herb infused oil and then we will learn how to take our herb infused oils and turn them into a salve!

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