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Cedar Hill Apothecary Virtual Classes

Cedar Hill Apothecary Virtual Classes

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If you're not local, don't worry! We are now offering our classes virtually so no one misses out on the learning experiences we offer. 

Here are the upcoming classes that will be available:
Wild Fermentation Workshop: In this class we will learn one of the oldest, most natural processes in nature, fermentation! Sunday, July 14th | 2-4PM CST

An Herbalist's Take on Gut Health: In this class we will dive deep into gut health, touching on common ailments like ulcers, IBS, leaky gut, and more. Sunday, August 11th | 2-4PM CST

The Art of Bone Broth: Learn exactly what your body needs to support good bone, collagen & gut health. This delicious, nutrient packed broth can be easily made at home utilizing waste from your meals. Sunday, October 20th | 2-4PM

Cold & Flu Care: Prepare yourself for the winter season with this comprehensive class on herbal remedies for cold and flu care.  Sunday, November 10th | 2-4PM CST

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