Winter Solstice Discussion (Please Join!!!)

I posted the anticipated Yellow Dock harvest video a couple days ago (titled December Plant Walk) and just 5 of you have watched it!

This tells me everyone is busy honing in on something and with all the eclipse, solstice energy buzzing around, I figured now would be a lovely time to call everyone in for a conversation or some story telling.

What are you focusing on right now? Whats got you curious? Am i the only person manically crafting with the small bout of time off i have? If you are crafting too, tell us what you're working with! I've been so happy Augustine has been into the crafts this year. I undoubtedly am always more into them than him but if he's engauged at all, im so happy.

We have been LOVING air dry clay. We've made everything from pinch pots, crystal holders, mushroom ornaments, pressed flower ornaments, a little Tomte, some plant replicas and more. I just ordered some more felt as ive been itching to felt some little goat ornaments as well. We also did the paper bag snow flakes and Augustines blew mine out of the water. Last year i was obsessing over macrame and the year before that, latch hook rugs. I LOVE the way this time of year sparks creativity.

We've also all been working on projects with energy we would normally rather put elsewhere. I cleaned our shed and my home office today and we've all been purging a bit. This is an energy that comes naturally every solstice. We are so ready for renewal. Ive been sorting into a for sale pile, a donations pile and a trash pile. That said, ill be doing a little second hand sale on my website next month and patrons will have first dibbs ;) this will include clothes, shoes, books and a couple kids things.

I also want to invite everyone to talk safely here about the censorship we are experiencing. Whether its new to you, or old news. No judgement here. Ill start - I stopped using my camera on instagram a while ago. I use the camera and video app and upload everything to IG. We've also been using Duck duck go as our primary search engine and i just ordered camera covers for the front and rear camera on our phones.

My real plan is just to change my mind. I pour so much of myself into instagram and i need to do that here instead. That was the plan when i first started patreon but having so many friends there made it feel easier. Well now most of those friends are here too! Ill also be opening up a new tier that is free/donation based for folks to join the discord chatroom and have access to past live QA's. Just as a way to create space for congregation.

I would love for Discord to be a place for plant lovers of all kinds to connect and communicate. We all need a safe space to chat these days and i honestly love discord. It is similar to reddit in that it is owned by its users. I would love for you all to run Discord with me so if anyone would like to be an admin, please message me. And if you have requests for chat threads, leave them below!

I would absolutely love to hear from you all. So please, let us know what you're up to. Don't be afraid if you're feeling really bogged down and uncreative. We are here for that too. Come as you are <3

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