An Herbalist Take on GUT HEALTH

Alright folks this ones a doozy. I tried really hard to put a year of research into one video so if you have follow up questions feel free to ask.

These roots (Burdock, Sunchoke, Elecampane, Dandelion & Chicory) are THE most prebiotic rich herbs that we know of today. They contain inulin, which is a prebiotic polysaccharide. Prebiotics are a very important part of restoring gut health. And a balance of soluble and insoluble fiber is what I believe to be the missing link in conversations around gut health today. I believe the loss of these in our modern diet is a huge factor for increasing cases of IBS and leaky gut.

If you make a remedy at home inspired by this video please remember you need heat, water and time.

If you enjoy nerding out to the fullest extent, enjoy some further research with the links below.

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