The Magic of Making Bone Broth

I am so excited to finally bring you this video. Bone Broth, as simple as it truly is, can be very overwhelming - until you break out the pot. Once you make your first batch, I guarantee the magic you feel in each stir, the empowerment you feel making something out of 'nothing', and the way your body feels will have you completely hooked. When we open the freezer to reach for the last bag and its already been used, we just about panic. It has become the vessel for most of our meals and for carrying collagen and probiotics into our body through the simplicity of a bowl of bone broth with some kvass or kraut juice and a piece of homemade sourdough. I will be posting the incredible Bone Broth Zine that our collaborators, 'The Lost Skills Workshops' has made for us in a separate post. Enjoy!

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