Making Maple Syrup!

Hey folks,

Just figured I’d reshare this video from last year since it’s that season again! I’ll be posting another video here soon of us actually boiling it down. We do have a big highlight on our page that shows and explains the process some too.

This is a really easy and social project. I love it because you do this when the days begin to feel longer and you naturally want to be outside anyways. This puts us in a rhythm of collecting all week then spending Saturdays outside gardening and occasionally stirring/stoking the sap fire. It takes several hours to reduce so start the fire when you start your day! This is a really great way to extract mushrooms since mushrooms require lots of water and heat so if you have some reishi, chaga or Turkey tail, throw them in!! You can also add cinnamon or vanilla 😍

Some other notes:

You have to drill pretty far into the tree. It will not start flowing immediately and there’s no real indicator to stop so I would say at least 2 to 4 inches in.

As far as the hose to bottle, there are so many different options but we like to keep the bugs out so we typically cut a hole in the Of the bottle to make it snug. You can store outside as long as it’s below 60° and as long as you’re cooking it within five days. If you have fridge space that’s great too!

As far as where to drill, just choose a comfortable height to you standing. This should be below the middle of the tree.

You can also tap walnut & hickory! Enjoy 🍁

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