Tracking Your Cycle (& Leaving Birth Control)

Alright folks let's dive into the birth control conversation. We are fertile 2-6 days a month. Let that sink in... we are fertile less that 1 week out of every month and yet we have a lifetime of birth control pushed on us from the moment our cycle starts until the moment it ends. That is CRAZY. 

To me this takes away Body Sovereignty and says, "You can't trust your natural ability to learn your body, only the medical industrial complex knows how to take care of you". But what about all the other stuff? Like acne, headaches, mood swings, etc.? Yeah, trust me, there are much better ways to support those messages your body is sending you than synthetic hormones. 

Listen, if birth control works for you, I am absolutely NOT judging you. I was on it for years and have tried every single one available. This message is for anyone who is curious about coming off of birth control or just learning a little bit more about what cycle tracking could do for them.  

Resources Mentioned:  
My Flo App - Alyssa Vitti
@Zestyginger stopping birth control
Period Repair Manual - Lara Briden ND
The Dutch Test
Modern Fertility - This test lets you know your fertility window and connects to a free app!

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