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Alright folks, if you are as fueled up by deepening your perspective on wild tending, you need to listen to this series of my favorite podcast. This episode was especially illuminating and something i'd love to open up conversation about.

Some tidbits that struck me from their shared resources (books/articles)

"Conservationists should assess organisms on environmental impact rather than on whether they are natives, argue Mark Davis"

Books: 'beyond the war on invasive species' & '1491 (Second Edition) : New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus'

A word that pinpoints my specific area of focus in herbalism: Ethnoecology is the scientific study of how different groups of people living in different locations understand the ecosystems around them, and their relationships with surrounding environments.

Great article:

Their Patreon:

"Nativeness is not a sign of evolutionary fitness or of a species having positive effects. The insect currently suspected to be killing more trees than any other in North America is the native mountain pine beetle Dendroctonus ponderosae. Classifying biota according to their adherence to cultural standards of belonging, citizenship, fair play and morality does not advance our understanding of ecology. Over the past few decades, this perspective has led many conservation and restoration efforts down paths that make little ecological or economic sense." 

Listen to Ground Shots Podcast Episode #53
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