Homestead Tour & Rambles Pt. 1

Alright folks, I took 2, 20 minute long videos and I'm having a hard time loading the second. Hopefully I'll figure it out by the end of the week.

These videos were inspired while talking to a friend about how much more difficult it is these days to film for the blog and why. Well my reasoning being that we spent 5 years stewarding a piece of land twice as large as this one, introducing native plant species and using the more invasive ones to make way. 

At this new property thats half the size, we have not even a fraction of the plants as we've only been here 3 months and those months have been full of a very stressful move. My friend suggested I share this type of stuff with you all and bring you along for the journey on stewarding this new land.

I really appreciate your patience as we move through all of this. It's been rather difficult and now moving into winter, opportunities for content are very scarce.

I did want to remind you all that there is 2 years of juicy content and I guarantee you haven't seen all of it ;) In fact, only 5% of you watch each video haha. The blog is a way to support your favorite creators and get some kick backs. I have always strived to treat it more like a classroom, offering much more. But in the years I've had the blog, my business has grown substantially, I now have an office and employees and have moved! So I will be changing the tiers and rewards a bit from here on out. Don't worry tiers 3 & 4 you will still receive your gift and your price will not change!

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