Very Important Group Discussion

Alright folks, I have been wanting to do a series of videos on a few topics near and dear to my heart. Instead of waiting longer for the right words to come I figured I'd invite you all to be a part of the dialogue by offering input and asking questions. So please, ask away! 

The topics include: How to create a business with limited resources (no "boss babe" here, just a human navigating it all with no financial assistance or prior education), How to regenerate a plant based business (how to combat appropriation, grow ethically & make the world better), and appropriation of plants/ herbalism (how to pay dues to the BIPOC people who created herbalism in the states, how to listen to your guides and learn from your ancestors, etc).

I have attached the Resource Guide i reference in the video to this post and i've also added it to the youtube video. If you'd like to contribute to the Resource Guide, you'll want to click the link through the youtube video.

Please feel free to ask questions, drop topics, contribute to the convo, anything!


Download Tori's Resource Guide!
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