Quick DIY to Boost Your Laundry with Antiviral Herbs

This is a really simple, quick video but I figured it may be of help to some. This is our main laundry detergent other than the liquid enzyme recipe I posted in February (if you haven't checked it out, do so now!). You all know we are pretty essential oil free. But the main reason for that is the dangers of improper use. However, using an already small amount in something that will be diluted by 25 gallons of water is pretty darn safe! Plus, utilizing them in the fibers of our clothes has so many uses. For example, right now and in this video I am using antiviral, antimicrobial & antifungal herbs such as Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Thyme, Spruce & Laurel. During tick season we will use Cedar, Geranium, Palmarosa & Catnip. Pretty nifty! 

You can use herbs in the same way for the drying process. We typically opt for the clothes line but dryers can be really handy for times like now where high heat can kill off bacteria. We opt for fresh or freshly dried herbs in the dryer by making an herb satchel. View the photo attachment for inspiration and give it a try!

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