Francesco's Organ Meat Pate

Alright peeps I'm going to give you a recipe, but this video is for my visual learners. The first 3 minutes are a little fuzzy because the vent was on. If this bothers you, skip to 3 minutes and I give a little recap. This is Francesco's "wow I've never liked any pate until now" recipe. People LOVE it!  

Don't waste your organ meat! You can even use hearts with your livers. Liver is one of the most nutritionally dense foods on the planet. It contains significant amounts of folate, iron, vitamins B and A, and Copper. We enjoy it on sourdough crackers or toasted, buttered sourdough bread!  

2lb Livers     200g Butter      150g Sliced Shallot    70g Garlic 

150g Cognac or Brandy   200g Heavy Cream   15g Salt    60g ACV 

Season to taste. We used Juniper, Thyme & Spice Bush!  

First you want to clean the organ meat by trimming off any faschia. Melt butter in sauce pan, once melted, toss in shallots, garlic & salt until translucent. Add your heavy cream and brandy, let reduce no less than half. Add seasoning last to flavor the cream. In a separate pot, heat up enough water to cover the organ meat for 30 seconds, just enough to blanche. Strain the organs from the water and add the organ meat to blender. Pour in the cream butter mix and puree. Use a fine mesh strainer and a rubber spatula to separate any unwanted chunks and hard spices. You want just a cream puree. Cook up a couple slices of bacon and use the grease to cap your patee in jars.


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