Fermented Rice Water Conditioning Hair Rinse

Posting the recipe for reference but I *highly* suggest watching the video for lots of tips, tricks, and frequently asked questions!

1c White Rice to 3c Water

1. Massage the rice in the water to express the rice into the water and speed up the process

2. Leave the rice in the water for roughly 2 hours then strain

3. At this point, you have the option to add herbs. Some of my favorite herbs for growth & strength are Horsetail, Nettle, Rosemary, Cinnamon, Burdock, Oatstraw, Marshmallow & Seaweed.

4. Add your rice water to a pot with any herbs you are adding and bring to med-high heat, then down to a simmer for 30min - 1hr.

5. Strain any added herbs off and add to your final container. Your final container is where the fermentation happens so go for glass or ceramic. 

6. Choice to add citrus here. Traditionally, the Yao women use Pomelo. I used a Grapefruit peel and have also tried Lemon in the past.

7. The wild yeast on the citrus peel also helps the fermentation process but it’s a good idea to add a Tablespoon of another fermentation start if you have one. Options here are: Kombucha, Wild Yeast Starter, Kraut, Kimchi, Kefir Whey, Wild Soda or Beer, etc.

8. Cover Loosely with cloth, cheesecloth or a fermentation lid for 1-2 weeks 

9. Watch for bubbling and activity in your jar. Once you feel its ready, strain your citrus peels off and add to a squirt or spray bottle.

10. This can be stored in the fridge to stop fermentation OR in a container such as a squirt bottle with the lid open so gasses can escape. It will continue fermenting if left out of the refrigerator. You also have the option of adding raw ACV to stop the fermentation process and preserve.

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