Pt. 3 Supplements & Herbal Allies for Pandemic Anxiety

In Part 1 & 2 of this 3 part series, we covered small lifestyle changes that anyone can do to better prepare for local or global crisis. 

Part 1 was meant to help ease the feelings of urgency to get out and buy things we really dont need such as masks, toilet paper & sanitizer and help assure you all that the things we *do* need are much more accessible. 

In Part 2 we really dove into a list of different herbal allies that are incredibly useful for all viruses and how they work. 

In our final and shortest video, i am really just covering a topic I didn't speak much on in the first 2 - store bought supplements and nourishing nervine & endocrine supporting herbs for mental exhaustion, overwhelm, stress & anxiety. Thanks for watching!

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