An Interview with Farai on Motherhood/Herbalism

Questions in order for this juicy QA with Farai @thehillbillyafrican :  

- Do you have a favorite Parenting style? If so, what about it brought you into it?

 - When you and your partner aren’t on the same page about something, like parenting styles, what do you do? 

- Are there things from your childhood that you are actively trying to avoid in your parenting? Things that you are trying to bring into your parenting from childhood? 

- What shaped and influenced your way of mothering?

 - Do you have any experience helping folks with fertility? Any advice or resources? 

- The number one question from most folks was about how to know what herbs are safe for your child at different ages. You seem to have an herbalist approach with Thandie that doesn't have a lot of fear and I love that. I know so many folks feel too scared to trust their intuition on this one because there's not a lot of info out there, how do you navigate that?  

- Lots of questions about newborns. The best way to administer herbs to newborns, your favorite menstrums for newborns and toddlers and how to know how much. 

- Do you have any advice on finding a good match with a doula and/or midwife?

- Do you have any resources for finding a doula and midwife? 

- Advice for first time breast/chest feeders?

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