Hey folks, we have a few tincture videos: How to make a tincture, percolation tincture, dual extraction and solubility. 

I need to update this video just due to the quality but here is the Dual extraction

Basic Tincture Making 

Percolation Tincture 

All things Solubility (THE most important video)

Tinctures are the core of my work, I absolutely love them. It seems these videos don't get a lot of response so I'm curious: What do you all want to know about tincturing? What scares you?

Solubility is possibly the most important part of tincture making. This determines which part of the plant you are extracting. Once you nerd out on this its really fun to play around with. For example, for things like resins (frankincense) that are non water soluble, I extract in 100 percent alcohol, then add a touch of water after straining merely for taste.

Here's an example. If I were making a tincture for inflammation heres what I may take into consideration: Turmeric is not soluble in alcohol whereas St Johns Wort and Frankincense are not soluble in water. So I may tincture St. Johns and Frankincense in 100% alcohol then make a tea of Turmeric in water and mix to the two. Personally I would add 25% tea to 75% Tincture.

Here's a great article on some of this for folks that want to go a step further.

I'll be recording a video on how to mix alcohol and answer any follow up questions about solubility so please leave questions here after watching these videos.

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