Oil Pulling Oil Recipe

Hey folks, I’m dealing with a bit of tooth pain right now from the worst kind of cavity - the tiny ones in between your teeth!

I decided to try healing it myself while it’s still small with lots of bone broth, a strengthening tea blend that I’ll be releasing soon and with oil pulling!

I wanted to share the recipe I made today. I used sesame & MCT oil as my base and infused it with some herbs. You can use a double boiler set up on the stove if you want to make it in a day, or you can let it macerate for a few weeks on the shelf. I let mine sit on the wood burning stove all day.

This is a list of herbs for example. You only need a couple of these, so just try to use what you have on hand. Also you can sweeten with xylitol if you don’t like the taste 👅

Ingredient options:

Mountain mint/ peppermint, Horehound, Eucalyptus, Yarrow, Spilanthes, Ginger, Clove, Cinnamon, Usnea, Lemonbalm, Chamomile, Oregano, Thyme, Rosemary, Monarda

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