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'No-Poo' Hair Care Gift Set
'No-Poo' Hair Care Gift Set
'No-Poo' Hair Care Gift Set

These are the absolute essentials for anyone looking to go "no-poo". We do also offer a hair oil, a hair butter treatment and a clarifying cleanser, but these are the bare necessities.

This Gift Set Includes:
Wild Horses Mane Tamer
Maiden Hair Rinse
Desert Dweller Hair and Body Powder

A little bit about No-Poo:
I began my journey of ditching store bought hair products in 2017 and have slowly built my perfect routine. I began noticing drastic results within a month of using our No-Poo Maiden Hair Rinse, but looking back at the one year mark was unbelievable. I had never been able to get my hair to grow past my shoulders. I had never been able to tame the frizz of my curls without weighing them down. One year in and my hair had grown several inches, my curls were strong and more defined and I wasn’t using any products. I now wash 1-2 times a week and incorporate our Wild Horses Mane Tamer, Isis Goddess Locks Growth Serum, & Dry Shampoo throughout the week.

This is actually quite similar to The Curly Girl Method. A method that introduced the idea of oil based products weighing down curls and a minimal hair care routine. They also mention using a seaweed based conditioner and our Wild Horses Mane Tamer is just that. A seaweed & mushroom based leave-in conditioner that won’t weigh you down or grease you up.

Paired with our Desert Dweller Dry Shampoo to extend time between washes! To learn more about how to use the No-Poo Vinegar Rinse please read here. You an also hear more of my thoughts on making the switch and see more of my personal routine on our IGTV.