Medicine Cabinet Gift Set – Cedar Hill Homestead
Medicine Cabinet Gift Set
Medicine Cabinet Gift Set
Medicine Cabinet Gift Set

Folks have been asking for a tincture set for EVER and we've finally got the extra hands we need to make it happen. We've taken 6 tinctures that will come in handy in any household to help start your very own herbal medicine cabinet.

Featuring our "mend" collection for specific ailments from heart health to lung and stomach health, our liver and kidney support tincture, our toning uterine tincture which is more handy than folks realize. This is a tincture for the entire Renal system. And Bitter Beginning, to support digestion and ease the pain of heartburn and indigestion.

This Gift Set Includes: 
1oz Heart Mend ($16)
1oz Lung Mend ($16)
1oz Stomach Mend ($16)
1oz The Bitter Beginning ($16)
1oz Thistle Family Reunion ($16)
1oz Toning Uterine Cleanser ($16)