Indigenous Initiative Contribution
Indigenous Initiative Contribution
Indigenous Initiative Contribution

As many of you know, we believe in paying homage to not only the first people of the land we call home, but also to the Black & Indigenous people who practiced herbalism & midwifery centuries before a white man (Dr. Flexnor) decided in order to practice any kind of medicine you must pay unthinkable amounts of money to become "licensed". This was the first step towards colonizing herbalism/ the peoples medicine in an effort to take it out of their hands and sell it back to them. 

As someone who benefits from this knowledge, and a beautiful piece of land once stewarded by the Aniyunwiya people, i believe in paying reparations. This is not out of guilt, nor saviorism, but because it feels like a right exchange. Just as you pay a teacher to pass down knowledge. These are our teachers, only the opportunity to teach for profit was taken from them. If this feels right to you too, or you simply feel like contributing to some beautiful initiatives to help make a difference in this world, please feel free to add a contribution to your order. 

This time last year we raised nearly $2k between your orders and generous donations! This years in honor of Native American Heritage Month, reparations will go to

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artwork by Dio Cramer