First Aide Gift Set – Cedar Hill Homestead
First Aide Gift Set
First Aide Gift Set
First Aide Gift Set

We've taken our most multifunctional products that you won't want to be caught without in a scenario where a first aide kit is needed! Our wound wash can be used on children and pets and is amazing for owies, rashes, itches, you name it. Cooling Pine Tallow is our everything salve great for rashes, cracked hands and lips, baby butts, wounds, etc. Antifungal Balm can be used on any wounds or rashes where the fear of a fungal infection is present. Black Drawing salve is so incredibly useful for splinters, ingrown hairs, cysts, debris in a wound, etc. and Evergreen Chest Rub is a must for easing chest or sinus congestion and can even help relax a tight chest from heavy breathing or wheezing.

This Gift Set Includes:
1oz Forest's Pull Black Drawing Salve ($14)
1oz Anti-fungal Dry Balm ($14)
1oz Cooling Pine Tallow Balm ($14)
1oz Evergreen Chest Rub & Inhalant ($14)
2oz Herbal Wound Wash ($18)