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Cedar Hill's Homestead & Apothecary Archive

Cedar Hill's Homestead & Apothecary Archive

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Hello plant folk & welcome to the archives! CHH is a scratch made, seasonal apothecary & homestead laying the foundation for plant & spirit connection. Offering an array of products & classes, identification walks & workshops, this membership is where it all comes together. We specialize in facilitating a relationship with nature in our busy world. My passion lies in seasonal & bioregional herbalism, with the belief that what you need is already out there waiting when you need it. I work with both native & invasive species alike, working to educate on the importance of knowing the difference and how you can work with both.

What you will receive here: Access to over 4 years of private content that has been moved over from our Patreon as well as any new content & class recordings. Everything from interviews to DIY’s & recipes to QA’s, plant walks, manuscripts and more.

You have access to all of Cedar Hill's content, new, and old

You receive a one-off gift from the Cedar Hill Apothecary each month as well as access to our archives! These gifts are small batch, sample size gifts made from exclusive ingredients we don’t have enough to share with the masses (or can’t rightfully do if they are fragile or less common). A lot of these gifts will be things Tori is making for her friends or family or just interested in at the moment.

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