Our Herbalist – Cedar Hill Homestead


Victoria Fillmore

Victoria is a tried and true community herbalist whose entire business has been built on making remedies for any and everyone who came to her in need. Her passion lies in seasonal & bioregional medicine, with the belief that what you need is already out there waiting when you need it. She works with “invasive” and fragile, native plants alike, working to educate on the importance of knowing the difference and how to work with both. Victoria works with her local parks department to glean “invasive” plants, making way for the more fragile, pioneer species to flourish as well as teaching free community plant walks.

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Having grown up in the South, plant knowledge was common knowledge.

In her words, “knowing what’s beneath your feet, what to nibble on and how to use it is not only a birth right, but a super power we all have access to.”. You will see Victoria light up most when educating and giving this super power to others. Growing up in the woods outside of Nashville, every family member and neighbor had a nickname for the plants around them. As she dove deep into herbalism at age 15, self-treating endometriosis, she quickly learned that all of these powerful plant allies she needed to heal were already her closest neighbors. Victoria is a permanent student and forever friend to the forest, understanding that the vast knowledge in this area is full of endless new possibilities. 

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