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Herbalism in the South is historically a part of life. It’s a means of sur-thrival in an area that’s been long forgotten by society. We have had to “grow our own”, “raise our own” and “make our own” for as long as we can remember. People of the South still to this day wash and reuse their aluminum foil, cook on a single well seasoned skillet and have jars of home remedies for just about everything without calling themselves herbalists. The folk remedies of the South were born into this world out of necessity and pragmatism. Most of the knowledge we use to this day is a mix of European, Black and Indigenous influences.

So you could say this dance we do between herbalism and homesteading is a remembrance, a gift to our ancestors and a promise to our children to be better ancestors. When homesteading, you rely on your land for everything. This creates the most beautiful, reciprocal connection to nature I’ve ever seen. As technology and society continue to grow, it becomes increasingly easier to stray from this place of simple connection and harder to access. We strive to bring this connection to you through each of our products, our classes, and a true community of people doing the same.

Our idea of success is simple. We want to make lasting connections and impacts, to truly build community by supporting small scale farms and donating 1% of sales, always.

As homesteaders, we aim to make absolutely everything we can, ourselves. To live in harmony with the land, utilizing her abundant offerings and giving back as much as we possibly can. Our goal is to use fresh farmed herbs and wild harvested plants in all of our offerings so we may share the elaborate benefits of fresh, whole plants with you. We firmly believe that the difference in fresh plant remedies speaks for itself. All of our products are either mindfully harvested by us, or sourced from small scale farmers, then minimally packaged using recycled material. We do not just blend ingredients, we make the ingredients or we don’t make it at all

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