Multi Purpose Citrus Enzyme Recipe

Alright folks, where do I begin. This is one of the most utilized recipes we make not he homestead. I will be doing a DIY liquid castile soap recipe soon too which we use for everything else from a bath & body wash, face cleanser, dish soap, counter top cleaner, bubble bath, etc.

But back to the Enzymes.... I've listed the many uses on the recipe but let me just reiterate, from fertilizer to drain cleaner to face mask - you'll want this in your arsenal. As homesteaders, we LOVE things with multiple functions. The idea of having two cleaners for laundry, dishes, bathrooms, counters, etc.... ahhh yes. 

Now to get even more sustainable, use spent citrus! We don't eat a ton of citrus around here but we do have a restaurant near by that uses organic lemons, limes & oranges. So about once every 6 months (we make HUGE batches), we have them save us a tub full of their spent peels.  


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