Making Kvass!

Everyone should know how to make this classic recipe. Water, Salt, Plant. It's one of those recipes that just feels so simple and primal. It is also an incredible 'homesteader recipe' in my book, as it's one of those recipes that takes kitchen scraps and turns them into magic. As I always say, 'making something out of nothing', it's what we do! And to me, that is the base of a homestead. Creating circular systems within your home that sustain a more conscious, frugal, efficient and low waste home. Though in this video I am making Beet Kvass, you can make any type of Kvass using this recipe. We LOVE strawberry Kvass and all fruit Kvass in the summer as well. So just follow this simple recipe - 4c water, 1 ts salt, 1- 2c produce. Let sit roughly 7 days, burping daily. Enjoy a delicious tonic that energizes the gut-brain connection, and some tangy beets to throw on salads or in dinners (or on their own!).

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