Blending Herbal Teas & Infusions

This video was a request. Join us as we cover the difference in herbal teas & herbal infusions, fresh vs dried, steep times, vitamins & minerals, choosing your herbs, flavors & more.

If you are not familiar with an herbal infusion, here's a blurb I wrote on them:

Enjoy tea? Me too. But did you know steeping an aromatic blend for 3 minutes only gives you about 10% of the vital nutrients you are after? That is where herbal infusions come in. Herbal infusions are generally made using only 1:3 aromatic herbs and the 3 parts being non aromatic herbs such as oatstraw, alfalfa or nettle. This is because steeping aromatic herbs for hours would be quite bitter. Take about 1 oz or 2 tbsp of herbs into a quart sized jar. Fill with hot water and let steep 4-12 hours. I prefer to do mine at night before bed. After the desired time has passed, strain your herbs and enjoy your nutritious and mineral rich infusion hot or cold.

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